Captcha Software

Earn money while typing images these images called captcha.

How to work?

Ans is First you can join a website for captcha working . then you can work on this site for type correct words you saw. you can work in sites or you can work in software.

What is the benifit of you software if I can also work in website?

Ans is This is a grate question. What is the benifit of software. the main benifit of software is you can work on multiple ids in one software but you can only work in one id on website.
second benifit is captcha is loading very fast then website.
and the last benifit of this software is you can work different sites and different ids in one place.

What are the website software can support?

Ans is Software is working in following Websites.

(1) kolotibablo (kb)

(2) Koloteam (kt) 

(3) Pixprofit (pix)

(4) Pixtyper(pix)

(5) Pixandprofit (pix)

(6) Qlinkgroup(qg)

(7) Lookandearn (Httpinternet) (la) 

(8) Megatypers (mt) 

(9) Protypers (pt) 

(10)Typethat (tt)

(11)Typeit (ti)

(12)Captcha2cash (cc) 

(13)Captchatypers (ct) 

(14)Uploadcaptcha (uc) 


(16)Captchaocr (Human ocr) (co)

How can I get this software? 
Ans is You can purchase this software from us very cheap. To get this software. Contact us

IDs                   |             Prices in $                |         Price in PKR
5                                        $5                                       500 PKR
10                                      $10                                  1000 PKR
Unlimited                          $12                                  1200 PKR

Details Software is made by Xiaoa Studio. Xiaoa Studio mostly desing softwares and muti in one software is a most popular software of this company. official website of selling softwares of this company is and we are the offical reseller of this software. this is a latest software of made by this company.

Requirements Software require .net framework 2.0 in you computer to run this software. to download .net framework 2.0 go to microsoft website and download click on the link below.
Link to download : .Net Framework

Image of software

Contact Details:

Name:                   Muhammad Danish Irshad
Position:                Internet Marketer
Company:              ParkBux
Mobile:                  00-92-314-2018202
Skype:                   danish.irshad5

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